I'm curious as to why you're here, especially with such a good offer I've just made you!

I can only think of three reasons:

One, you might think all this doesn't apply to you. That would be a mistake. I have guys emailing me from Iran to South Africa, from Australia to Iceland - you name it - and they all have one thing in common - a passionate love for all things Thai! (Including of course, Thai women!)

Two, you may worry now might not be a good time to embark on new 'adventures.' Maybe you feel too overwhelmed or busy. Maybe you're worried that the 'recession' will affect your income, forcing you to wait out the storm. Well, the truth is that Thailand makes for a seriously great alternative lifestyle!

You can live in Thailand for a fraction of the cost of Europe or USA. My high speed 24/7 broadband Internet costs $25 a month! If you wanted to - you could rent a beautiful home here for less than $300 a month! And you still get to have a great, healthy lifestyle with all the comforts of home! "Now" is definitely the right time.

Three, you may be hesitant to trust people you've just met here, on a web site, for the first time. I can't blame you. There's a lot of so called "experts" online... After all, anybody can throw up a web site.

Well, I'm as real as you'll ever get. To check me out just Google my name - Martin Hurley - I'll wait. Look out for my FaceBook page, Twitter profile, and my Thailand YouTube videos. Google doesn't lie. It's all there. I've got a solid, transparent online history and I've lived in Thailand for the last 5 or so years. You can even look for me with Skype too. I'm here for you.

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Martin Hurley

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Note: we reserve the right to change or cancel this generous offer at any time without notice.

Your Thai Girl